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    Samenvatting(en) verhaallijn

    Bericht  Martijn op zo mei 02, 2010 3:21 pm

    Chapter 1:
    (can't remember the names of the characters, sorry)
    (starting level 9)

    The story starts in the country of Aglarond. Where some players (thought it was Dennis as official scout of the army, who got grouped together with Ronald, for support by the church) who were in the paid service of the nation were called to attend the king.
    In the presence of the king and his advisers and few generals Dennis' char was given the orders to gather a group of specialists for a special covert mission to help end the war and save Aglarond.
    For at that moment Aglarond was getting besieged by hordes of undeads from the Umbral Marches. These undeads were believed to be driven by the Red Wizards of Thay, but this could not be proven as of yet.
    The mission given to the 2 selected soldiers was to retrieve a special ancient relic from a castle, which was located just on the other side of the Umbral Marches in Thay.
    Urgency was mentioned since the defence-lines were crumbling slowly even during their briefing.
    To help them they were given a document stating that any government official or military official in service of Aglarond was to lend as much support as they are able when requested.
    Also access was given to the armoury and horses were supplied.

    Dennis' char knew immediately who to ask for a special assignment as this.
    Heading to the tavern where Erik's Orcish fighter was to be found, he quickly finds and enlists him. Ronald advices about a skilled arcane specialist he knows and recruits Toni's char. Dennis also calls in a favour with his scouting comrade Roan.

    After gathering the horses and some rations they head out, travelling towards The Yurwood in order to reach to border-fortress/city of Glarondar.

    In the Yurwood they encounter some brigands which are quickly deposed of.
    Later they also encounter a sacred mystical site, guarded by Wild Elves.
    Which they luckily barely managed to leave behind in a peaceful fashion.

    Reaching the fortified city of Glarondar they are greeted by a view of massive destruction.
    Even from the outside it's noticeable that the walls cannot hold much longer and have been besieged heavily lately.

    While preparing for their trip through the Umbral Marches, the city gets attacked yet again and the party helps defend the city.
    When a gap appears in the outer walls they rush in the meet the hordes of undeads trying to pore through.
    After intense fighting the assault stops and they are thanked fro their assistance.
    Making use of the break they quickly make their final preparations and precede a bit to the south before entering the Marsh.

    In the marsh a few encounters happen, meeting a black dragon for example.

    Reaching the other side of the marsh they find the castle without much difficulty.
    But the castle seems.....strange...

    Entering the castle under the cover of darkness they quickly find that the castle seems....alive...
    producing massive amounts of gargoyles.
    With some intense fighting they manage to infiltrate one of the castle's cellars.
    Where a secret doorway is found which lets them enter a huge underground labyrinth of a dungeon.
    During their trip through the underground dungeon they find out that it's actually some kind of laboratory ran by a vampire count.
    After fighting a lot of nasty fights they finally manage to defeat the vampire count, although letting his chief scientist escape.
    In the aftermath they find the relic, which seems to be a magical orb, and discover that the castle seems dead when they re-appear topside.
    Having been warned not to touch it, they wrap it with all due caution in some sheets before heading out.

    Travelling as quickly as they can they travel back through the marsh, relatively without incident.
    But reach a destroyed city of has fallen!!
    Travelling further towards the Yurwood they encounter a patrol and are guided toward the new defence-line of the army.
    Quickly re-supplied they are ushered with all speed to the capital to report.

    Reaching the capital they report on their success.
    The chief adviser of the king takes charge of the artefact and sends them on a second quest.

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    Re: Samenvatting(en) verhaallijn

    Bericht  Martijn op zo mei 02, 2010 3:31 pm

    Chapter 2:
    (starting lvl 12)

    For their second assignment the group is send deep into Thesk.
    To retrieve another special artefact, this time the intelligence department knows it's a sceptre they seek.
    Making use of the services of the mage order in the capital they are teleported in and given a helm of teleportation (1/day) to get back when successful.
    Not being able to teleport closely because of some unidentified arcane disturbances they quickly travel towards the stated location of the sceptre.
    Only to find a strange tower, defended with strong arcane wards and spells.
    On each floor when finally having defeated the outer defences they are met by ever more stranger and stronger creations, named golems.
    Given it their all they finally reach the top and meet the creator himself.

    The battle doesn't take long when a surprise spell takes down the evil mastermind and enables the group to acquire the relic from his dead hands.

    Travelling quickly back they discover that the defence-lines of the army have retreated even further back and that the capital is almost under siege.

    After delivering the 2nd relic which again had been handed to the chief adviser of the king they are send on to a 3rd important mission.
    They are told this one could end and win the war!!

    Aantal berichten : 465
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    Re: Samenvatting(en) verhaallijn

    Bericht  Martijn op zo mei 02, 2010 3:47 pm

    Chapter 3:
    (starting level 15)

    For their third mission they are send to find the mythical elven city of Myth-Dranor.
    The only things known about it, that it was lost to a host of devils centuries ago and is rumoured to be located in the fabled woods of Cormanthor.

    They teleport to Cormyr and start travelling towards the fabled wood.

    On their way to the wood they enter Mist Dale and come across a few small villages.
    But the further they travel towards woods to more raided towns they come across, each more destroyed then the other.
    At the towns they find prove of what seem attacks of dragons, but at other towns evidence of attacks by outsiders.

    Reaching the last "big" city of Galanth's Roost, they are informed that indeed dragons are raiding towns in the local area.

    Setting out from the fortified town they enter the woods with the only helpful rumour that Myth Dranor lies to the north.

    In the forest the group faces horned devils, green dragons and lastly stumbles upon the abandoned ruins of the fabled city of Myth Dranor.
    It also seems that demons and devils have allied together that they are battling the dragons.
    Which equally is weird, is that the dragons have also apparently grouped together and a hole host of them have descended upon the ruins of the city.
    the reason to why have not been discovered as of yet.

    In the city they are ambushed by a deep dragon which manages to kill the hole party.
    Only Toni manages to barely escape it's deadly clutches.
    He manages to travel back to the town of Galanth's Roost, to recuperate.

    Will Aglarond be saved?
    Will Toni manage to find the third relic?
    Find out in the new adventures of......

    To be continued.......

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    Re: Samenvatting(en) verhaallijn

    Bericht  Martijn op za mei 15, 2010 1:16 pm

    Toni manages to get back to Galanth's Roost.
    Luckily he managed to bring a little of the remains of Erik.

    After recuperating he travels back to Aglaraond to report the failure of the mission.

    The king and his advisers are not too pleased about hearing the failure but immediately set out to send another group to try again.
    For this group they recruit Dennis' pack-brother.
    From the church Ronald is chosen and also the arcane order in the city chooses one of it's own to send with the group, this is how Roan and Ronald join in.

    The church manages to resurrect Erik and he immediately agrees to come along to regain some honour and avenge his fallen friends.

    Also a corporal from the city's own legion is recruited, Martijn, to assist in this most important undertaking.

    Together they head out back to Galanth's Roost.

    Arriving at the fortified city they first set out to inform about any new happenings.
    Afterwards they start their journey into the forest.

    In the forest they come across the old battlefields of the previous group but also other, new ones they encounter.
    But the forest is not empty by far!

    In the first few battles that happen with the group, they lose one of their own, matrim falconcrest.
    After burying his corpse and saying a few goodbyes the group sets out again.
    A bit more determent then before, to make his life count for something.

    After few more encounters they finally reach the ruins of the city.

    In the ruins they keep getting harashed by demons, tricks, traps it doesn't stop.
    They also managed to rescue a captured elven mage, who joins up in a wish to repay his saviors.

    Reaching the palace area of the city they finally encounter what seems to be the archdemon.
    Only to be bested by a hoste of dragons, who fly off with the artifact.

    Tracking the dragons down, they manage to find their lair.
    Enter it and manage to fight all the way untill they find the artifact.

    Quickly traveling back, they bring it to their superiors and prepare for what might be the final bit in this epic quest to save a nation!

    Aantal berichten : 465
    Registratiedatum : 26-02-09
    Leeftijd : 35
    Woonplaats : Tiel

    Re: Samenvatting(en) verhaallijn

    Bericht  Martijn op za jul 03, 2010 7:42 pm

    Chapter 4
    (starting level 17)

    After resting a little and repairing their equipment, the group gets summoned back to their commanders.
    The question remains, for what reason?

    to be continued....

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