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    Team Evil Gestalt Cleric: the story so far


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    Team Evil Gestalt Cleric: the story so far

    Bericht  Nightfire op do dec 16, 2010 10:02 am

    You are a secret Evil Organisation based in a city devoted to worshipping Good Deities. Your masters are trying to take over city to turn it into a place devoted to Evil Deities, and then take over the world (of course!).

    Progress was being made, including the abduction and replacing of a high-placed member of the city's most important church. However, shortly after that, a new menace appeared in the form of Extra-Planer Beings posessing people, taking off with an important package and building a portal to facilitate travel to this plane.

    As it stands now, the portal blueprints have been sabotaged and the package is secured, but there is still one enemy on the loose.

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