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    A Wild Plot Appears


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    A Wild Plot Appears

    Bericht  loki op vr apr 08, 2011 10:38 am

    When returned the party is contacted beseeching you for help in Q'barra(think colonial america with lizardfolk as indians).
    Where, as informants say, some more miliant tribes are planning a blitzkrieg on a more northern village, close to their land, where the more unsavery settlers have gathered after whatever transpired to make them specifically unwelcome in the larger more established citys.
    No problem you might think, everyone wins except the liars, thiefs, murderers and other outcasts.
    It is however suspected that that might lead to a full on war/genocide of the lizardfolk tribes by propaganda, warmongering, overreacting powers that be and so forth, to further expansion and enrich the already rich there.

    And it is your job to find a solution.
    Sound good?

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    Re: A Wild Plot Appears

    Bericht  Uller op vr apr 08, 2011 9:31 pm

    What is the political situation in New Galifar re this settlement and lizardfolk? Are the lizardfolk gunning for the war/genocide, are factions in New Galifar pushing for this or are both sides itching for large scale conflict?

    Conflicts like these are often due to an excess of adolescent males. I propose allowing the settlement to be attacked, but arranging it so that it is a costly affair for both sides, thereby discouraging the lizardfolk from continuing hostilities (and draining population pressure). At the same time we might plant suggestions of treason (or some such thing) on the side of the attacked settlement to discourage any sense of solidarity within New Galifar.

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