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    Background stories


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    Background stories

    Bericht  Roan op ma aug 10, 2009 12:40 pm

    Char name: Fash Falath

    Fash Falath was unlike most whisper gnomes his age. He often snuck out of their little community to explore the strangeness and liveliness of the world. He liked watching other races doing their daily routine. Never would they know they where being watched. As Fash grew older his ways did not change. He would sneak out more and more, sometimes he didn’t return for weeks. His heart was that of an adventurer.

    This all changed one fateful day. Fash returned after another of trips to find his home was completely destroyed. Almost everyone was dead, the ones that weren’t explained that a powerful wizard had found their home and attacked them. Why, they didn’t know. Fash and other survivors started to help the injured, not knowing the wizard was still there. He attacked again with powerful spells at remaining survivors. Fash had managed to dodge his attack. Before he knew it he was striking at the wizard with a dagger he had picked up somewhere laying on the ground. The wizard did not see him coming. Fash felt something flowing through him from the wizard the moment he struck him, all of a sudden magical missiles fired from the tip of Fash’s finger. However, the wizard remained unharmed. The wizard looked at Fash and smiled at him before he cast another spell, after which Fash lost consciousness.

    Fash eyes flickerd open, he was alive! But where was he. He looked around. He was in some kind of laboratory. Fash tried to move, but realized he was shackled to a wall. The last thing he remembered was the wizard. He must’ve cast something on him…. Fash noticed something behind him, it where two big wings. Like those of a bat or a dragon, he couldn’t put his finger on it. What where they doing behind hi…. no, they where attached to him!!

    The wizard walked into the room. He said something to Fash. Fash heard him speak, but wasn’t listening. The wizard smiled. “You like them?”, he said. Fash stared at the wizard, he didn’t move his lips. “You have no family left”, the wizard continued, “you’ll do as I say or you can join them in the afterlife.”, he laughed at the whisper gnome. Meanwhile Fash was trying to break the lock of the shackles behind his back with a piece of metal he found on the ground. “Your village has something that belongs to me and want it back”, he licked his lip, “I want you to retrieve it for me”, he continued while stepping closer, “After which…”, no sound was coming from the wizards mouth, yet he continued to speak. Fash had used his ability to cast silence on himself, before the wizard entered the room! Now he also freed himself from the shackles. Before the wizard realised what had happened Fash jumped the wizards head and used his thumbs to poke in his eyes till there was nothing left but a bloody pulp. The wizard screamed in agony, but no sound was heard. Fash jumped off the wizard and flew towards the door, using his wings for the first time, and exited the building while the screams of the wizard grew louder and louder. Fash never saw the wizard or his hometown again.

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    Re: Background stories

    Bericht  Roan op di aug 11, 2009 4:34 pm

    Heb het net ff snel geschreven, dus geef maar een gil als er fouten inzitten..

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    Re: Background stories

    Bericht  loki op di aug 11, 2009 7:46 pm

    heeft een paar goede punten uit de backstory van senior kickasso

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    Re: Background stories

    Bericht  Martijn op za aug 15, 2009 6:32 pm

    Sturm Brightblade,

    He started just like many youth's, as a young and foolish boy, who always took risks.
    Who always searched for adventures.
    But who felt strongly for following rules, for him it started by them being an additional challenge to overcome and win by.
    Later it grew out for devotion for the law, to help those we get mistreated.
    At the age of 16 he joins the order of paladins that follow st Cuthbert.
    In a matter of weeks he shows great promise with his melee fighting prowess.
    Also his ability to withstand corruption or stay fair in the most difficult of circumstances gets greatly admired and appreciated in the young man.
    The years fly by as the youth grows into a young man.
    To finish his training he is send out to a journey.
    The goal of which, to uphold the order's ideals and travel the countryside for a year, thereby gaining valuable experience and knowledge.
    As ever he took this quest as he took everything, as a challenge to conquer, a goal to life to.

    A few months into his quest he has survived a few adventures, most ending in favourable outcomes.
    At this time he travels together with a group of adventurers, not all of which he respects, but none the less he had promised to accompany them to de-throne an evil wizard and free the neighbouring towns from his tyrannical rule.
    It would be an adventure that would haunt his thoughts for many decades’s to come.

    Well into the wizard's fortress the first casualties fall.
    The rogue, smashed to a bloody pulp of flesh and bones by an iron golem, the cleric caught off guard by a magical trap, leaving two burned out boots and some dust....
    And then they face their last challenge, the wizard himself.
    Cackling like a madman, he casts spell for deadly spell at the remaining heroes.
    Acid eating the face away of the barbarian, leaving him helpless for the next deadly spell...
    The ranger, desperately letting his arrows flies with his bow, to see them bend away from the wizard by an invisible force field.
    The wizard hurling yet another spell, the ranger clawing at his own face in the utmost terror Sturm had ever seen on a face of a living being.
    To in the end topples over, his eye staring blankly towards Sturm.
    Storming at the wizard, Sturm manages to get a few heavy blows in, almost bringing the wizard down to its knees.
    Seething with rage the wizard throws Sturm down with a spell, paralyzing him, slowly limping to the paralyzed paladin, the wizard cackles evilly.
    "You will pay for your impudence, you will live to see all you hold dear crumble. To see all you know and love, die! Your life will be an eternal torment with no reprieve! Let this serve as a warning to other adventurers...hahahaha"
    Sturm loses consciences when the mage finishes his last sentence with a terrible screeching laughter.

    When he awakens, he notices that he is not living!
    Pain wracks havoc on his mind and body, almost driving him mad.
    Travelling back to his church he seeks a cure, but none of his order is able to find any, not long after he gets shunned away for his unliving state.
    Betrayed by his god, by his comrades, he travels the world, seeking release from his eternal torment.
    He faces many dangers, wars, adventures, calamities, none of which bringing that sweet peace of rest he lusts for.
    During these campaigns Sturm learns how hard the world truly is, he becomes colder, harder and loses his lust for life and excitement.
    Decades pass by.

    It isn't until the times of trouble that he finds his faith again, at the brink of losing his mind he finds that helping others, helps him keeping his sanity.
    Gaining acceptance in communities and thereby diminishing his anguish, yet the curse keeps torturing him.
    Suddenly gods start disappearing; rumours of deity's dying even emerge.
    The times of trouble escalate in disputes, wars and sometimes total chaos.
    In the midst of this Sturm stands vast as an everlasting bastion of faith, trying to uphold the last vestiges of fair trade that keep civilization running.
    Upholding the tenets of one of the last remaining god's, wauceen, that gives civilization a chance to survive.

    --> To Ronald: I know I know, this probably makes you cry when reading this, with all the spelling and grammar mistakes....
    --> To others: thought of this and written it down, maybe needs little tweaking.
    Feedback is welkome.

    Edit: editted a lot of mistakes.

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    Re: Background stories

    Bericht  loki op za aug 29, 2009 6:15 pm

    als de rest ook ff tijd heeft om wat neer te kladden...

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