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    BG - Ronald (Randall)


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    BG - Ronald (Randall)

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    What the teammates know

    Randall Tallstag is a sergeant in the Waterdhavian City Guard. Known for his ability to procure hard to get items and disobeying orders without actually disobeying them. He has just completed a term of service in the Guard, which was imposed in place of a prison sentence.
    While certainly not cowardly, he vastly prefers not to fight. This has something to do with his lack of skills in that area. He knows enough about swords not to stab himself in the foot. He is however a pretty decent shot.
    Also, he has heard of fair fighting, but decided long ago he wanted nothing to do with it (imaginary internet cookies for the person who can tell me what pratchett book that came from, i can't remember).

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    Re: BG - Ronald (Randall)

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    Guards! Guards! gok ik? Ik weet het ook niet meer zeker.

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